We can build granny flats of all sizes to suit any budget, block size and accommodation requirements. From a backyard granny flat to accommodate 1 or 2 people to larger granny flats that can have a verandah and carport attached, we will help you uncover your true needs and design and build to those requirements.

Swan Granny Flat Design

There are many different granny flat styles and sizes available for your spare backyard area. We have many designs to choose from on our Granny Flats Perth page.

We’ve also built granny flats as a holiday home down south where space is very limited to build on.

Popular Questions

Yes! Where we have built a granny flat we've seen the owner sell the property that covered the cost of the granny flat. With the high cost of property granny flats will only be more popular now and into the future

Obviously it depends on the area you have to build a granny flat first and foremost. All of our granny flat designs have the specifications of the area they occupy as well as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, showers and toilets.

It depends on the size, whether you have many variations to your plan and the type of materials you are wanting it constructed out of. We can help you with all of these aspects for your granny flat to suit most budgets.