We can provide a range of services for your next home:

Transportables: from granny flats to site offices, we have a range of transportable building designs available. We can also custom design to suit your individual requirements.

Prefabricated Homes: we also have a range of pre-fabricated kit homes to choose from, that can be assembled on-site by an owner-builder, or by or team of skilled tradespeople.

Fabrication: we can manufacture floor, wall and roof steel frames to your exact specifications. Perfect for the owner-builder!

Advice: not sure if transportable or prefab is the way to go? Or maybe you are thinking about becoming an owner-builder? Benefit from our years of industry experience.

Design: with the help from our friends at the architecture.collective we can not only design your dream home, but organise all drawings and documentation required for planning and building license approval.

For your next home, contact STEELHOMES™ today!