Why is STEELHOMES™ a better choice?

Quality: building regulations ensure that steel-framed homes are built to the highest standards and quality. At every step of the fabrication process, you can be assured that STEELHOMES™ offers the best that money can buy.

Sustainability: every STEELHOMES™ building is precision manufactured in our factory, so there's less waste and debris on-site. Steel-framed wall construction uses less embodied energy compared to traditional cavity brick construction, meaning a smaller carbon footprint. Steel is also 100% recycleable, making STEELHOMES™ the ideal choice for the environment.

Versatility: Steel-framed construction can be used to construct not only walls, but floors, ceilings and roofs as well. There are a multitude of cladding materials and finishes that can be used with steel-framed construction, providing near-infinite design options.

Buildability: being lightweight, steel-framed housing is easier to transport and erect, making it the ideal building material for the owner-builder. Prefabrication also means faster construction times. Every STEELHOMES™ building is manufactured to the highest level of accuracy, ensuring speedy and efficient installation.

Durable: Australian environmental conditions are amongst the harshest in the world, and steel is the ideal building material to cope with them. Steel has a 50 year lifespan, and will not twist, shrink or warp. It is non-combustible, making it ideal for fire-risk areas. Steel is termites and borers proof, and also waterproof.